Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I recently read an article that cited a study which showed that Atheism in on the rise in America. (link below) The results of this study are not surprising when you think about it. When you look around the world and see the breakthroughs in biology, science, and technology, mixed with all of the horrible things that happen around the globe every day, the idea of a God--or at least one that has anything to do with us-- seems less and less likely.
It's important to note that the article says Atheism, as in the specific disbelief in God, is on the rise. This doesn't mean that practice of religion is on the decline. It's human nature to seek community, surround ourselves with like-minded thinkers, and to honor and imitate our parents by keeping many of the traditions we grew up with. But it's good to know that not as many people are lying to themselves about the lack of facts behind their mythology. It's fun to write "From Santa" on a gift to a loved one. It's insane for them to think that's actually where it came from (unless they are 8). Atheists are the most misunderstood of all of the "religions" for many reasons. We have no scripture or bible or cave paintings that state our beliefs, mainly because we aren't defined by a belief structure, we simply have a single lack of belief in common. So Atheists have nothing to bond them together like the faith-based religions do. Because of this, Atheists are often inclined to keep silent about their stance on God because they don't have the strength of organized numbers that religions do, and therefore become even more misunderstood.

Unfortunately, this misunderstanding leads to a lot of incorrect assumptions about Atheists. I can't count the amount of times someone has asked where I get my morals from if I don't have a religion. As if the urge to not steal, cheat or kill can only emerge upon threat of Hell. I've even had people ask me why I don't just kill myself because to them, without God and a promise of the afterlife, they saw no point to living on earth. Apparently they've never eaten Mexican food, seen funny videos of cats playing pianos on Youtube, or had sex. And they definitely haven't done all three of those at the same time. So let me just clarify... not participating in your (or any) religion doesn't make life on earth pointless. When we wake up we don't think "Hey there's no God." We don't think about it at all. Until some crazy politician or chicken fryer tries to infringe on the rights of others. 

Honestly, Atheists want you to believe whatever you want as long as it doesn't negatively effect the freedoms of other people. An Atheist is the same as a nerdy kid at a Football crazed University. Just because we don't go to the games or follow the score, doesn't mean that we hate Football or believe it's wrong that others enjoy it. We simply don't care. 

If actual religions played football...
Go root for your team as they battle on the field to the death, just don't bang on our door with your face painted in school colors and try and get us to join.


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