Thursday, June 23, 2011

We are baaaaack!

I owe all of my readers an explanation for why I took my blog down. The answer is not simple and is best explained by breaking my reasoning down into percentages:

51% Lack of blogs

The only thing worse than no blog at all is a neglected blog. It was sitting there for a month with no new posts, covered in spider webs. The Todd Fields World started off it's career at a blazing pace and was maybe even headed for the "Blog Hall of Fame." Then, suddenly, the unforgiving injury of writer's block ruined what was a promising career. Rather than try to stay on the field and survive like the rest of the average blogs out there, my blog retired at that top of it's game. But now it's back like Jordan wearing the 4-5...

20% Spite and Self-Pity

Some people wake up every morning and check on their sleeping baby. Some roll over and kiss their wife. Some hop on the computer and check their stock portfolio. Some check their fantasy football team. Some cook up a ridiculous breakfast burrito. For me, the way I started every morning was by checking the amount of views, comments, and "likes" (or "dislikes") that my blog posts received. And while the views continued to stay at a strong level, the feedback I was getting became fewer and far between. I'm a writer people! I can be sensitive. I can be insecure. I need people to tell me how great I am. When I wasn't getting that, I lost some of my motivation to keep writing. This blog isn't a diary where I get things off my chest, it's where I go to try and entertain and stimulate my friends, family, and even the occasional stranger who stumbles across the site. If it doesn't seem like people care about the blog, then I don't really have a reason to, either.

20% The Blog was a Social and Romantic Cock Block

For every sweet blog about my new puppy or my adoration of John Lennon, there was a blog about sex, hook ups, getting drunk, or just being an all around idiot. For these topics, I caught a lot of flack. A co-worker defriended me on Facebook. A girl I had been on a couple dates with told me she couldn't see me anymore. Even I started to question some of the things I was writing up there. To me, the more revealing and blunt the blog was the more interesting my writing was. Nobody wants to read something boring. And if I tried to fake outrage at a topic, not only would I feel like a phony, but the blog would suck because people can see through lies. However, I did get frustrated when what was an off color joke here and there would be taken seriously and negative consequences would come my way. Eventually I realized, in the end I probably shouldn't be friends with too many co-workers on FB anyways, a girl who doesn't get my humor isn't a keeper, and I enjoy writing stupid, silly, or controversial things because the way I write them, I find them quite witty and smart. I don't need to make excuses for what I write. (And yes, I realize that's what this entire paragraph was.)

9% I gots to get paid!

If my business card says "Writer" that means I should be making money as a writer. I don't normally care about money and I have a career in Reality TV, but a lot of people find ways to make money off of their hobbies and part of me wanted in on that action. But in the end, I'd rather just write for fun on my blog and try and make some money off of the other stuff I'm working on. Basically, when I finish my book you better buy it. And once I have your cash, I won't have to worry so much about getting your feedback ;)

Anyways, the blog is back. I'm going to try and keep up my one-a-week pace, but sometimes life happens and I can't get it done. But I promise, the more you read, the more I will write...

New blog coming later today...


  1. Here's some love Todd! So glad it's back.

  2. I prefer the off color jokes myself. your dog is definitely cute but I'd rather laugh ;)

  3. Marisa (Bilkiss) MatzdorffJune 23, 2011 at 1:55 PM

    you've made me laugh since 7th grade... and i love reading your blog. i missed it (even though i've been a silent reader) and am glad it is back. a todd fields post or blog always gives me a laugh and makes all of us who appreciate your humor just a little bit better! keep up the writing!