Monday, December 6, 2010

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Pete Peeve #3,957

I was just talking with friends about this the other day... Why is it that we can get parking tickets for so many small offenses (forgetting our car in street cleaning, spending too much time at the store and our meter runs out, taking a handicap spot at Ralphs because you're buying a lot of groceries and what are the odds that 8 handicapped people show up to the market at the exact same time?) but you can't get a ticket for pulling the biggest a-hole parking move of all time: taking up two spots alongside a curb.

I saw the above offensive parking performance outside of my work this morning. The car in front left a good 4-5 feet of unused curb in front of his car, forcing the car behind him to squeeze in to where he would normally fit with ease.

This street is notorious for being short on parking. I frequently have to park an 8-10 minute walk away from my office because there are no closer options. So the fact that this guy took up two spots on a Monday morning is that much more inexcusable.

And of course, the car that had to squeeze in ended up with a small portion if it's back bumper in a red zone.

Now granted the driver in the black Rav4 should be blamed for not only purchasing a Rav4, but also for having the stupidity to park in the red. When you're living in a bankrupt state like California, the odds are that you will get ticketed...

And sure enough he did. He parked in red. He should have gotten a ticket. I'm not arguing with that. But what is the bigger offense? Blocking a red curb where only a miniature police car can fit anyways or being a douche bag and taking up two spots on a street where parking is limited? I think the answer is obvious.

I'm so tempted to leave a link to my blog on this dbag's car. Written with my key.

Pet Peeve #3,958

Guys who go pee in the urinal right next to you when there are other urinals open. Don't do that people!


  1. I haven't seen someone so angry at something so insignficant since...well...the last time your brother got in a car.

  2. haha this one isnt even angry. YOULL KNOW WHEN IM ANGRY JAKE.

  3. LOL love this pet peeve blog esp. the illustrations!

  4. btw. my gtalk froze. can't respond at the moment =T gotta restart my phone.

  5. The Rav 4 driver needs to confront the derelict Volvo parker and demand partial payment of the ticket. That is some serious bullshit. I can't believe how angry this post has gotten me. In tough times like these, parking tickets are the absolute worst. Please update us with new developments.

  6. I wish they would hand out tickets for asshole parkers! Apparently not parking like an asshole is a talent!


    FYI: I'm horrible when it comes to parking a car. I'm an Asian female, what can I say?