Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Todd Fields World

By far, the worst part about how the internet and affordable technologies have made communication and media so accessible to the world is that any idiot out there with a computer, a camera, or a microphone can broadcast him or herself to the world without anyone to stop them. The best part is that I am one of those idiots. With my Youtube channel, my Facebook account, or my old blog on Myspace, I have multiple outlets to express myself, without anyone or anything (except common sense) to talk me out of it. Rather than have myself spread out across the internet like Britney Spears' legs, I decided to bring everything together here, on this site. In addition to linking to some of my new additions to those sites, I'll be updating this site with a blog as well as my newest venture into the art of podcasting with "The Toddcast."

One of my favorite videos from my neglected Youtube channel is this interview with myself:

With this site, I hope to inspire myself to create more often than I have been and recruit enough fans to somehow make money off of doing what I love-- no, not being sarcastic and judgmental. Making people laugh (by being sarcastic and judgmental).

I am really excited for my first podcast which will be out by the end of the week. I really appreciate any and all support from you guys so please leave comments, subscribe, and tell your friends.

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  1. Bahhahahahaha, that was funny! Yep, Chinese and Mexican.